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Sustainably building a sailing future

I have a dream

It is the perfect time to join forces within the sailing industry, to work together with sailors, trainers and coaches, boat builders, sailmakers, complementary companies, sailing associations, unions and event organizations to professionalize and set up a sustainable economic healthy sailing industry. This includes, for example, the growth in the interest of potential sailors, the media and more economic continuity and stability of the sailing industry. I believe this is the right time to work together, and create a valuable legacy!

This still sounds like a dream, but we are closer than ever!

– Stephan Dekker


With MultiSail as a centralized connection platform, in cooperation with the relevant companies, unions, sailing and class associations and event organizations, improving the current sailing- and training structure within sailing and/or (re)structuring and professionalising it. My vision is a continuous growth structure where we can let sailors perform to their maximum capabilities. For the top (breaking the current cyclical cadence) the Olympic Games are an intermediate goal, and a long term career with The Ocean Race and the SailGP as fully professional final classes is the ultimate goal.


Commercial interest

The sailing industry is not large and many parties are fighting for a piece of the pie. International cooperation is extremely important to achieve our objective today. This allows everyone to take full advantage of the financial opportunities that arise, by creating a sustainable economic environment. Major actors are to reduce and control the running costs and product- and class diversification. I strive for a top sports climate with professionalism. Not only during and around sailing competitions, but also in the daily life of the sailors. We assist sailors who, after their top sport career, choose a social career. The aim is to support an outflow in recreational sports, so that economic value is also created there. Ideally, this could result in a social job that compliments the sailing industry.


  • Increase media values
  • Athlete autonomy
  • Engaging the modern fan
  • Digital transformation of media
  • Utilise technological advancements to grow global fan base and enhance sporting activities
  • Staging mega-events
  • Creating jobs for ((ex) top / professional sailors) within the entire maritime industry
  • Coordinating development
  • Private investment and public sector involvement in sports


Collaboration, partnership and state-of-the-art governance are necessary to take the sailing industry to the highest level. The main aim is the development of talent, and individual personal growth of the sailors at any level. It goes without saying that a talent can only develop optimally in a professional environment at the highest level. In order to achieve this goal, I believe that it works best when there is a commercial interest in the entire structure. Of two of the three major actors in a growing sports market, are governments and sport governing bodies, as institutions, appropriately considered relatively slow to act. This means that the evolution of the roles of International- and National Federations will be slower than many might hope or think. Nevertheless, this evolution will most surely come as a result of the impact of the third major actor, Business. We, therefore, face a rapid evolution rather than a revolution but there will be winners and losers.

  • Working together in a centralized way, in order to allow the sailing industry to evolve and expand in a controlled manner
  • Do everything in your power, to reduce the CO2 footprint
  • International- and National Federations must demonstrate an exemplary standard of governance throughout their structures and progress
  • Coordinating an international calendar, results and sailor profiles


In collaboration with the necessary parties, improving the current sailing- and training structure, where the Olympic Games serve the intermediate purpose. And setting up a sustainable predefined growth and training structure with both The Ocean Race and the SailGP as professional top classes and final goals. By creating a properly set up bottom-up structure, a natural selection must emerge in which talent and quality will prevail.

  • To recognize and make known the ideal competitive sport and recreational sport structure
  • A predefined path to the top of professional sailing
  • Talent-based selection and growth
  • Centralized events repeatable annually
  • Encourage and help set up profitable professional and (overarching)national teams, that should be set up and run as a company
  • Evolution of sponsorship